Our Forex Signals are sent to your phone, via WhatsApp. 24/6 support. NO experience needed and our signals work with ANY Forex broker. If you do not have a broker yet simply let our team know on WhatsApp.

Premium Package using Credit / Debit card

Click the link below and signup for our signals, you will be directed to our team on WhatsApp. If you also need a Broker account just let us know
£50Per month
2-8 alerts Sent Daily
Average 600 pips profit per week
Updates throughout the day
Stop loss and Take profit (sometimes more than 1) level given
Trades Work Worldwide

VIP Signals Package

This is the ULTIMATE signals package for anyone that wants to make Forex trading their full time income
£99.99Per month
More signals per day than the Premium package
Chart analysis
Updates throughout the day
Longer term trades with 100+ pip take profit targets
Trades Work Worldwide

Discussion Group + £500 challenge

Discussion Group + £500 challenge
£49.99Per month
Whstsapp discussion group

discuss trades with other people

Share your own trade setups and receive advice and support

We will all start a £500 challenge on Monday and share our trade entries, lot sizes and profits

The person who makes the most profit from a £500 start in 5 days will receive a cash prize from the CTP team
Simply click the link below, follow the simple signup steps and you will be directed to our team on WhatsApp to get started